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Sri Sarabeswara

Overcome difficulties, both natural and man-made
Are you oppressed by superiors in profession?
Are you threatened by blackmailers and miscreants?
Are you ill-treated by the family members?
Then, worship Lord Sarabeswara, who will come to your rescue readily.

The present day world is affected by natural calamities like earthquake, tsunami, floods, cyclone and lightning, besides man-made afflictions causing Ozone-belt depletion, Nuclear Holocaust, Abichara Prayoga, accidents, etc. The worship of Sri Sarabeswara, the most powerful manifestation of Lord Shiva, is very essential to combat these evils and to save the mankind from such catastropies. It is but curious to note that Lord Rudra, true to his name, took the avatar of Sri Sarabeswara to control the anger of Sri Narasimha (an incarnation of Lord Vishnu) , when the latter did not get appeased, even after annihilating the demon King Hiranya Kasipu.

Sri Sarabeswara in Vedas and ancient worksThe advent of Sri Sarabeswara has been vividly mentioned in Atharva Veda, Linga Purana, Skanda Purana and Brahmanda Purana. Special mention is also made in Rigveda and Thaitriya as well, at the Uttara bhaga of Sri Lalitha Sahasranama.

"Paayaanno Deva: Sarabasthva Payaath
Sathaarirogath Vipinorakaapyam
Vaiswanaro Kugari Ritchakebya:
Prethebyo Bhoothebyo Rusha: Krudanthan" ||
(Atharva Veda)

The Veda mantras affirm that all our sins are wiped off by chanting the powerful mantra of Sri Sarabha. Sage Veda Vyasa in his Linga Purana (96th Chapter) categorically says that those who worship Sri Sarabeswara, will get rid of all the afflictions caused by bad dreams, chronic ailments, poisonous bites, besides the great disasters caused by earthquake, floods, cyclone, thunder, lightning and such bad conglomerations.

"Sarva Vigna Prasamanam, Sarva Vyadi Vinasanam
Arichakra Prasamanam, Sarva Dukka Vinasanam,
Atraanyothpada Bookamba thaavagni Paamasu Vrishtisu
Thatho duswapna Samanam, Sarvabhootha Nivaranam,
Vishagraha Kshayakaram Puthra powthraadhi Vardhanam,
Thathraksha Daaranam Kuryaath Jangamaangey Varaananey"|| Linga Purana - 96

Avatar of Lord Sarabeswara: According to the Puranas, Hiranya Kasipu, the demon king, due to augmented audacity and ego, proclaimed himself as 'God' and entreated everybody to worship him. His pious and upright son Sri Prahlada refuted his father's action, by saying that only Lord Vishnu (Narayana) is the protector of the universe who is an all pervader. Out of rage and being exasperated by his son's continued disobedience, one day Hiranya hit one of the pillars in his palace with his mace, to find out whether Lord Narayana was hiding there, as believed by his son. To make his devotee's words come true, Lord Narayana appeared from inside the broken pillar, in the form of Narasimha, a man with a Lion's head, who killed the demon King in an encounter. Unfortunately His anger and fierceness did not subside, even after annihilation of the demon and the three worlds trembled in fear. All the Devas headed by Lord Brahma appealed to Lord Shiva to appease the anger of Lord Narasimha. The compassionate Lord Shiva sent His lieutenant Agora Veerabhadra to do the job, but it went in vain. The 'rajoguna' caused by tasting the blood of the demon did not let Lord Narasimha to calm down. Veerabhadra unable to subdue Sri Narasimha, prayed to Lord Shiva to intervene. There appeared the most terrible form of a combination of man, bird and animal. It was a queer combination of man with Saraba (Bird) and Yaali (animal), celebratedly known and worshipped by the name Sri Sarabeswara, being the Thirtieth avatar of Lord Shiva amongst His Sixty four incarnations.

Sri Sarabeswara, sporting two huge wings, (representing Soolini Durga and Prathyankira Devi), eight legs, the nose of an eagle, four arms carrying fire, serpent, a deer and the ankus, with fingers having sharp nails looking very fierce and turbulent, came flying and comforted Sri Narasimha with his two wings to calm down. But the fiery energy stored in the latter came out in the form of a bird called 'Kandaberunda' and started to fight with Sri Sarabha and this divine encounter continued for eighteen days. Lord Sarabeswara decided to conclude this 'sport'. By His will, Goddess Prathyankira Devi came out of one of his wings, took a huge physical form, gulped the 'Kandaberunda'bird and brought its end. Sri Narasimha realising his erroneous action, praised Lord Sarabeswara with beautiful epithets, which later became the Ashtothra (108 Names) of the victorious Lord. Lord Shiva then revealed to all the Devas that "to annihilate the Asura, Lord Narasimha came, and to appease Lord Narasimha, I have come as Sarabeswara. Be aware that we are both one and the same like water and water, milk and milk, ghee and ghee, both inseparable and to be worshipped as one".

"Yatha Jaley Jalam, Kshiptham, Ksheeram, Ksheeray Kruthang Kruthey|
Yekayeva Thatha Vishnu: Shiva Leetho Nachanyatha"||

Lord Brahma, out of gratitude for saving the universe from the anger of Sri Narasimha, worshipped Lord Sarabeswara with "Sri Sarabeswara Ashtothra". At the very appearance of Lord Sarabeswara glittering like thousand Suns, the rage of Narasimha subsided and the entire universe heaved with relief. Let Sri Sarabeswara protect us for ever, from any disaster.

Gayatri Mantra of Sri Sarabeswara: "Saluvesaya Vidmahey Pakshi rajaya Deemahi Tanno Sarabha: Prachodayath" ||

Sri Durga, the consort of Sri Sarabeswara:

Sri Durga, the Supreme warrior Goddess, out of all the 64 manifestations of Lord Shiva, specially liked and adored the form of Sri Sarabeswara and became His consort. Durga Sahasranama, bears ample testimony to this fact. Being Herself a great warrior, no wonder, She liked the most valiant Sri Sarabeswara - the greatest of all the warriors, who subdued the invincible Lord Narasimha.

Sarabeswara Temples in South India:

Between the towns of Kumbakonam and Mayiladuturai, at a place called Thirubhuvanam, Lord Sarabeswara is being worshipped as 'Kampakeswara' attributed to be the places where Brahma worshipped him. There are also other places of worship for Sri Sarabeswara at Gangai Konda Cholapuram, Dharapuram, Karaikkudi, Thiruvannamalai, Chidambaram etc., In the vicinity of Chennai, Sri Sarabeswara is worshipped at Denupureswarar Temple (at Madambakkam near Tambaram), at Trisoolam Temple (Near Meenambakkam) and also at Kurungaleeswarar Temple at Koyambedu.

Lord Sarabeswara as Saviour: As already mentioned, the worship of Sri Sarabeswara is the most efficacious and timely one, among the Hindu Gods. Those who are suffering due to oppression from superiors in their profession, those who are ill-treated by elders and affluent relatives in their family, those who are threatened by blackmailers and miscreants to collect booty, and last but not the least, those who want to overcome difficulties both natural and man-made, should worship the most compassionate and valiant Sri Sarabeswara. He will come to their rescue readily.

Neela Kantaya Rudraya Sivaya Sasimousiney,
Bavaya Bava Nathaya Pakshirajaya theynamaha:|
Gangadaraya Sambaya Paramananda Thejasey,
Sarvesvaraya Santhaya Sarabaya Namo Namaha: ||

"Salutation to Lord Shiva, the most compassionate One, who radiates kindness and bliss all over. He appears with a blue-coloured neck, carrying river Ganga and the crescent Moon on His head. He removes all our sins and re-births, as the supreme Lord of the Universe. He is also known by various other names like Neelakanta, Rudra. Bavanatha, Gangadara, Sambava, Sarveswara etc. He came as the monarch of all the birds as "Pakshiraja", whom we adore as "Sri Sarabeswara", to protect us from the evils


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    Do you have sarabeshwara digbandana mantra or stotra and sahasranamam in sanskrit or eglish
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  2. Thanks for sharing this post..Lord Sharabha Homam

  3. Sir, goddess pratyangira devi is powerful or sarabeswara is powerful? Some texts are saying that if we not spell the pratyangira devi mantras it will reverse work on worshippers, but lord sarabeswara is not like that. It is correcr?

    1. In purusha vidya sarabheswara is topper and in female vidya pratyangura and dakshina kalika are topper

  4. If we spell mantras wrongly or inaccurately it will reverse work on us? Is it correct? Worshipping of lord sarabeswara can reduce health problems

    1. Ya all health problems will cure with in one month

  5. request you to post sarabeshwara ashtakam in sanskrit

  6. Can we chant sarabeswara kavacham without upadesh pls tell me iam waiting for your reply

    1. No and never you can't chant this without any upadesh because you will not receive good without upadesh